The European Economics and Financial Centre is engaged in research and advisory work in the areas of economics and finance. It works closely with the financial community and has among its aims and capabilities the establishment of closer links between the practitioner (both in the private and public sector) and the theorist in the areas of economics and finance.

The EEFC has active at any given time many research projects in different areas of economics and finance. The research projects conducted at the Centre are on a cross-section of topics ranging from issues related to European integration, single currency, and behaviour of exchange rates to different aspects of financial markets, including the derivative markets as well as dealing practices and regulatory environments of financial markets. It also produces macroeconomic studies of different economies – examining their structural changes.

In addition the Centre runs a number of international symposia, workshops and short courses. The Centre also has many publications – notable among them are the journals ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL REVIEW, ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL MODELLING, and ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL COMPUTING. Moreover, it produces three Book Series, “The Economics of the Financial World and Stock Markets”, and “International Studies in Economic Modelling”, published by Chapman and Hall, and “Advances in Theoretical and Applied Economics”, published by Blackwells. The European Economics and Financial Centre publishes its own books, monographs and research reports as well.