It is within the scope of the Journal to publish the latest research in software developments as well as some of the advances in hardware relevant to the disciplines of economics and finance.
From time to time, software programs described in the Journal will be available on disk. While research papers make up the main content of the Journal, other features include, book reviews, conference announcements, conference reports, and software reviews.

Among the articles published:

  • “Rent Indices for Housing in West Germany 1985 to 1998”- Johannes Hoffmann, Claudia Kurz, Deutsche Bundesbank
  • “Parmalat’s Restructuring: Implications for the Italian Corporate Bond Market”- Edward Eyerman, Stefano Podesta, Giulio Lombardi & Elisabetta Zorzi, FitchRatings
  • “Using Index Options to Improve the Performance of Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategies”- Noel Amenc, Lionel Martellini, Philippe Malaise, EDHEC Graduate School of Business, and Daphne Sfeir, EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre