The Centre holds a variety of workshops and conferences in collaboration with other organisations worldwide. Such establishments include different central banks, international bodies such as the World Bank, European Commission, OECD, EBRD, IMF, as well as commercial banks. The Centre also holds conferences at the Centre in London.

The conferences of the Centre can be grouped into three categories each of which form a series and recur at regular intervals:

1) A series of conferences held at central banks across Europe, convened by the Centre and hosted by the central banks. Examples of topics of such conferences are: “Policy Formulation in Interdependent Markets”; “Policy Coordination in an Integrated Europe”; “Developments in Global Capital Markets: Opportunities and Prospects”; “Foreign Exchange, Capital Markets and European Monetary Union”, etc.

2) A series of one-day/half –day conferences held in conjunction with commercial banks. Examples of conferences in this category have been: Financial Markets; Treasury and Debt Management; Asset Allocation in European Bond Markets, Payment Systems, etc. Amongst the commercial banks who have participated have been: UBS, ING, HSBC, Paine Webber, ABN Amro, Bank Austria, Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat Luxembourg, Banque Paribas and Intesa SanPaolo and many others.

3) The International Symposia on Economic Modelling. These conferences present recent advances in all areas of economic modelling. It is intended that the symposia should act as a forum for new developments in different aspects of economic modelling. Among the Keynote speakers for the economic modelling symposia have been Professors Lawrence Klein, Albert Ando, Arnold Zellner and Robert Pindyck, etc.