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Economic & Financial Review

Journal Aims and Scope:

The economics profession has divided itself into three groups: (i) the public sector economists (ii) the private sector economists and (iii) academic economics with each group tending to have its own ethos and beliefs.

While there is one economics discipline, each class of economists has its own ideologies, modes of thinking and methodologies. In practice, there is little interaction or close links among the three. Economic and Financial Review aims to provide a medium for enabling and enhancing communications among the three groups.

The journal will include contributions from all sides of the profession - portraying the state of the art as well as presenting the new thinking, developments, directions, emerging techniques and their applications in the area of economics and finance. The journal will address issues related to decisions, timing and implementation of alternative policies at government level. It will also concern itself with the problems, consequences and necessary steps for the reversal of a given policy when it fails to produce the desired results.

The journal, in addition, addresses the difficulties facing the market decision makers, in effect, "the policy-takers" who need to incorporate into their forecasts government actions.

Finally, it is intended that the periodical will aid in removing the isolation that currently exists among the different groups so that the new theories that are formulated will be more in tune with the real workings of the economy, and guide the practitioners.

Among the articles published:

"The Euro Moves East" - Hubert Fromlet, Chief Economist, Swedbank

"The Basel II Capital Accord" - Bank for International Settlements

"The Euro and its Prospects" - Jean-Claude Trichet, Governor, Banque de France

"The Japanese Financial System in the New Environment" - S. Yoshikuni, Bank of Japan

"Analysis and Evaluation of Corporate Bonds" - Claus Huber, Helmut Kaiser, Christoph Klein, Deutsche Asset Management

"Directive on the Supplementary Supervision of Credit Institutions, Insurance Undertakings and Investment Firms in a Financial Conglomerate" - ECOFIN

"Capital Markets Development in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe" - H. Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Vice President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

"EU Enlargement: Opportunities and Prospects" - European Economics and Financial Centre

"Is the Single Market Delivering?" - Romano Prodi, President European Commission

"Investor Relations: Drivers for Change" - Richard Bowler, Chairman, Investor Relations Society

"Best Practices for Organised Electronic Markets" - Market Access Committee, Commodity Futures Trading Commission

"Enlargement - Seizing the Opportunity" - Siim Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia

"Latvia for Europe and Europe for Latvia" - Andris Berzins, Prime Minister of Latvia

"EU Enlargement: a Win-Win Undertaking" - Algirdas Brazauskas, Prime Minister of Lithuania

"Rectification of the Treaty of Nice" - Gerry Hickey, Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland

"Financing Community Development in Inner City America" - William J. McDonough, President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

"On the New Capital Adequacy Framework based on the Second Consultative Document of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision" - Thomas R. Fischer, Board Member, Deutsche Bank

"On the Insurance Function of Fiscal Policy in a Monetary Union" - O. Bajo-Rubio & C. Diaz-Roldan, University of Navarre

"World-Wide Tendencies in Financial Systems" - Jean-Claude Trichet, Governor, Banque de France

"Key Developments and Prospects of the Irish Economy" - Bertie Ahern, Prime Minister of Ireland

"The US and Japanese Economies: Reflections of a Central Banker" - Masaru Hayami, Governor, Bank of Japan

"Decoupling of Transatlantic Monetary Policy" - Bert van den Berg & Arlan Meulen Broek, ABN-AMRO Bank

"How Stimulative are Monetary Conditions in Europe and the US?" - Bert van den Berg & Arlan Meulen Broek, ABN-AMRO Bank

"Shrinking Public Debt and Government Bond Markets" -Bert van den Berg & Arlan Meulen Broek, ABN-AMRO Bank

"Should the UK Join EMU?" - Bert van den Berg, ABN-AMRO Bank

"Europe's Upturn in Growth and Structural Unemployment" - Elizabeth Legge, Bank Gesellschaft Berlin

"The EU Commission and Consumer Policy" - Elizabeth Legge, Bank Gesellschaft Berlin

"E-Commerce and the Wider Economy" - Elizabeth Legge, Bank Gesellschaft Berlin

"European Share Indices" - Helmut Kaiser, Deutsche Bank

"European Bond Indicies as a Benchmark for Euroland Bond Portfolios - an Overview and Evaluation" - Helmut Kaiser, Deutsche Bank

"The Fall and Rise of the Czech Republic" - S. Gibbs and K. Saroukhanian, Nomura International

"Hungary: A Macroeconomic Perspective and Economic Outlook" - S. Gibbs, Nomura International

"A Global Single Currency: the Inevitable Direction" - H. Scobie, European Economics & Financial Centre, London

"Securitisation: Potential within the Italian Financial System" - G. De Felice, F. Guelpa and A. Dal Colle, Banca Commerciale Italiana

"Corporate Bond Markets and the Euro: Changes Can Already Be Seen" - Philippe Ithurbide, Societe General

"Collateral Management in the Eurozone: the European Central Bank's View" - Jean-Michel Godeffroy, Director General, Payment Systems, European Central Bank

"The Relationship of the Yen and Future Euro" - Shinichi Yoshikuni, Central Bank of Japan

"Challenges of Monetary Policy in the Run-up to European Union Accession" - Judit Nemenyi, National Bank of Hungary

"Closer European Integration and the Consequences of the Single Currency" - Antonio Guterres, Prime Minister of Portugal

"Management of Economic Policies in the Eurozone" - Jean-Luc Dehaene, Prime Minister of Belgium

"The Euro in the Global Financial Market" - Christian Noyer, Vice President, European Central Bank

"EMU and Co-ordination of Economic Policies" - Paavo Lipponen, Prime Minister of Finland

"US Perspective on the Dollar and the Future Euro" - William J. McDonough, President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

"Sweden and EMU" - Erik Asbrink, Minister of Finance, Sweden

"Euro Entry into the UK led by British Industry" - Sir Colin Marshall, President, Confederation of British Industry

"The Challenge of the Euro for Europe" - Hans Tietmeyer, President, Deutsche Bundesbank

"Crisis of the Emerging Financial Markets: Some Lessons from the Mexican Experience" - Jose Julian Sidaoui, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Mexico

"Banking Sector Restructuring in Yugoslavia" - Djordje Djukic, Council Member, National Bank of Yugoslavia

"EMU Impact upon the Major Financial Markets" - Antonio de Sousa Franco, Minister of Finance, Portugal

"Frankfurt as a Financial Centre of Europe" - Ernst Welteke, Council Member, Deutsche Bundesbank

"Monetary Union and European Securities Markets Implications for Multilateral Issuers" -Jon Sigurdsson, President, Nordic Investment Bank, Helsinki

"The Implications of EMU for EFTA Countries" - Mar Gudmundsson, Chief Economist, Central Bank of Iceland

"The Advantages of EMU" - His Excellency Jacques Santer, President of the European Union

"Implications of EMU for Global Emerging Markets" - H. Scobie, EEFC

"Preparing for a Single European Currency and its Consequences" - Helmut Schieber, Member of the Directorate, Deutsche Bundesbank

"The Operation of Exchange Rate Policy in Stage Three of EMU" - Alexandre Lamfalussy, President, European Monetary Institute

"Fiscal Transfer Payments: Implications of US Structure for the European Monetary Union" - H. Scobie & T. Day, EEFC

"Swiss Monetary Policy in the European Environment" - Jean Zwahlen, Member Governing Board, Swiss National Bank

"On Sovereign Risk" - Gov. Lawrence Lindsey, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

"The Open Gilt Market: A Progress Report" - Peter B. D'Amario, BZW Capital Markets

"Perspectives for Monetary and Financial Markets Policy from the Viewpoint of a New Member State" - Dietmar Spranz, Executive Director, Austrian National Bank

"The Road to EMU: an EIB Perspective" - Philippe Szymczak, European Investment Bank

"Taxing Interest Income in Integrated Capital Markets: Some Lessons from Recent Experience" - Lorenzo Pecchi, Council of Experts, Italian Treasury

"Adhering to the Convergence Criteria: the Case of Portugal" - Vitor Bento, Bank of Portugal

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