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Euro advisory: An advisory service to meet the challenges of European Monetary Union (EMU)

This is an advisory service for organisations wishing to benefit from the advent of the euro. It is customised for the specific characteristics of a given organisation and relevant strategies are formulated by EEFC so that the organisation can best take advantage of the European Monetary Union (EMU).

In the course of this advisory work the Centre carries out a checklist for the organisation in question- highlighting its strengths and weaknesses vis à vis the single currency in the new environment of Europe. The consultancy service will point out the areas where different institutions could stand to gain directly from EMU as well as the areas in which they are particularly vulnerable and need to protect themselves. Accordingly, diagnoses and recommendations are provided as to how best to move forward in order to take advantage of the opportunities that may avail themselves with the birth of the euro.

In this manner the Centre identifies the strategies that would maximise the ability of different organisations to thrive in the unified market of Europe. That is to say, the service is intended to aid the institution to strategically position itself in its interactions with the Euro-zone. This would include developments of new products as well as trading tactics.

The Euro advisory also provides regular updating in the form of EMU orientation meetings on different facets of the developments of EMU relevant for the institution - ensuring that the institution has not missed any EU opportunities or developments pertaining to the Euro. These also include “question and answer sessions” whereby the particular questions that concern an organisation or are specific to their requirements and characteristics are answered.

As another component of the service we also offer further research into any area that is of particular interest to an organisation. It should be stressed that at all times the confidentiality of information with respect to all organisations is maintained.

The Euro advisory as a service is able to give an overview of the whole machinery of EMU because of our in-depth knowledge in the area gained as result of workings of over 1000 players in the European financial market and industry. The service is provided at a highly practical level.

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