Economic Analysis & Projections

In the area of economic analysis the European Economics & Financial Centre (EEFC) actively monitors main economic indicators and macroeconomic developments globally and makes projections. It follows closely the direction of interest rates and monetary policy of central banks as well as directions of foreign exchange. The Centre makes forecasts both short term and long term which in turn have implications for the behaviour of the bond market. The Centre closely follows the forward guidance of monetary authorities, etc., and makes projections about direction of interest rates. The EEFC oversees macroeconomic developments of both advanced emerging economies. Among the economic variables monitored by the Centre are:
  • GDP
  • Consumer expenditure
  • Investment expenditure (public sector & private sector)
  • Current account balance
  • Household income
  • Inflation rate (both consumer price index and producer price index)
  • Import prices
  • Unemployment rate
  • Industrial production
  • Retail sales
  • Exchange rate (bilateral as well as effective exchange rates) Wage rates
  • Manufacturing sector surveys
  • Services sector surveys
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Durable goods orders
  • Business surveys
  • Fiscal balance
  • and many others